Solving the College Puzzle – Platinum

The Most Comprehensive “Solving the College Puzzle” course will walk you through 5 factors to look at in choosing a college, teach you how to write a winning application and has tools to facilitate managing the process.

Video lessons & tools will guide you through:

  • Learning what matters to you in choosing a college.
  • How to choose a major and finding schools that will work for you academically.
  • The course also contains a database of over 11,000 scholarship programs
    • Students can use this to not only find schools that fit but also to find schools where they are eligible for merit scholarships.
  • Save your favorite schools to your account and get email reminders on application tasks and important deadlines.
  • This course also has tools to make managing the applications easier.
  • There is an interactive essay guide that helps you develop a content strategy to maximize your application essays and minimize the amount of work to complete the applications.
  • It also contains strategies for creating a resume, asking for letters of recommendation and finishing the Common Application.
  • Finally, there are video lessons on how to maximize your chances of getting accepted to a college – including interview tips, how to show demonstrated interest, and more!


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TuitionFocus offers First Choice College Placement resources to help families Planning for College be more effective, efficient and save time with convenient, On-Line, 24/7 access-tools.

  • Available whenever the student and/or parents can fit it into their schedule.
  • Reduce worry and gain peace of mind by following information and a process that you can come back to review when you need to.
  • Improve opportunities to cut college costs with scholarship identification at schools interested in AND exploring schools with scholarships that a student is or could be eligible for.

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