Strategy to Pay for College Consultation

TuitionFocus is a specialized planning area within the Family Wealth Partners firm. We offer the Strategy Consultation to help parents determine their unique plan to pay for college.  Families with HS Juniors down through Middle Schoolers can realize value from our service.

When our analysis and reports are delivered, parents will have a clearer picture of their situation regarding: eligibility for need-based financial aid, merit scholarships, if they can benefit from repositioning assets to qualify for more aid, and how the family can potentially afford colleges of interest with or without financial aid.

Save time, uncover cost reduction opportunities and make the most of the money you earn and save with TuitionFocus from FWP.

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When you decide that our help will benefit your family, we make the process simple to get started:

Step 1 – We will send you our Consultation Questionnaire to get to know more about your family situation and college goals.

Step 2 – When your completed questionnaire and 1/2 payment of $225 have been received, we will schedule a day and time for the virtual or in-person consultation at a Family Wealth Partners office.

Strategy Consultation

$450 (2 installments)

  • College Admissions Data Sheets for Schools interested in
  • Detailed Expected Family Contribution Report
  • Aid Eligibility Comparison Report for Colleges of interest
    • Need-Based & Merit-Based Aid
  • Potential strategies to positively impact Aid
  • FAFSA & CSS Profile Answer Keys
  • Scholarship search guidance
  • Tax Credit eligibility & Tax Savings strategy potential
  • Strategic use of Personal Resources; assets, current income, student & parent loans, etc

Step 3 – We will review and analyze your information to provide individualized reporting and advice for your strategy.

2nd Payment of $225 due prior to meeting and delivery of your data sheets, reports and answer keys.

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