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As parents, we are in the majority believing that college is a worthwhile investment.  We love our kids and want to help them pursue higher education to better themselves, their career options and life opportunities if college is the path they choose.

We also know that college is expensive. A family can be expected to write big checks, take out loans and hope for scholarships to pay college expenses. On top of that, moms and dads are trying to help with college costs while still saving and investing for other financial goals, like retirement.

The College Board reported the national average published Tuition, Fees, and Room & Board for the 2017-2018 school year was –

  • $46,950 for Private 4 yr Colleges
  • $36,420 for Public 4yr Out-Of-State Colleges
  • $20,770 for Public 4 yr In-State Colleges

Do you have a plan to pay your part of a potential $80,000 to $180,000+ cost for a Bachelor Degree?

Have younger, elementary or middle school kids?  Those dollar amounts get bigger.  The best day to start planning, saving and investing is today.

TuitionFocus identifies YOUR Strategy to reduce the cost of college and pay for it as wisely as possible.  We do this by looking at your unique College Options, Financial Aid (Need & Merit-Based) potential, Tax Aid possibilities and the best use of your Personal Resources.

The result of this strategy is saved planning time, enhanced college cost cutting opportunities and more confidence for your child and family about the process.

The less of your earnings and savings paid to a college, means more of your cash going to maintaining your lifestyle, reducing other debt or continuing to save and invest for your retirement.

TuitionFocus wll help you worry less and feel better about paying for college, your children’s higher education choice and your family finances in general.

TuitionFocus is a service of Family Wealth Partners, a NC Registered Investment Advisor and Financial Planning firm. We work with families to address the ever increasing expense of sending their kids to college and how it fits within their larger financial life.

I’m Leo Theriault and I manage TuitionFocus for the firm. Together with Keith Laibson, Family Wealth Partners founder with over 20 years of Advisor experience, we strive to walk along side our clients to help them make informed decisions about planning and paying for college as they pursue their other financial goals.

Prior to joining Family Wealth Partners in 2013 and becoming a Registered Investment Advisor Representative, my professional career was in Higher Education Finance, Student Lending and College Financial Aid. For over 20 years I worked both for and with private lenders, student loan service providers as well as colleges and universities.

I continue to work in service to the higher education community through my promotional role with College Interactive (Ci).  Ci is a Mobile Technology providing an innovative college exploration tool for students and parents as well as a cutting-edge student recruitment and communication platform for higher education institutions.

I am originally from Massachusetts, earned my Bachelor Degree from the University of Connecticut, and have called Charlotte, NC home since 1997. My daughter, Riley, happily secures me in the parent group planning for college enrollment in 2024. When not working, I enjoy ice hockey with my men’s league club, playing my acoustic guitar and coaching my daughter’s soccer team.

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