SAT Bundle

The Math/Reading/Writing SAT Prep Bundle is built for results.

  • The courses are designed to help students with many different learning styles by offering different ways for students to process the information.
  • The teachers for these courses are Yale graduates who had top scores on the SAT themselves and are invested in helping students to achieve their goals.
  • 56 Video Lessons – 26 MATH | 14 READING | 16 WRITING
  • 437 Practice Questions – 248 MATH | 80 READING | 109 WRITING

In each unit, you will:

  1. Watch a video lesson taught by one of our experienced tutors
  2. Take a practice quiz at the end of each lesson to see how much you know
  3. Review explanation videos for each quiz question – hours of extra information!

You can pause and rewind the lessons as many times as you need to help you understand the information.  In addition, you can print off PDFs that will help you follow along with the lessons!

  • $297 for these courses sold individually.


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